Friday, March 18, 2011

Union Busting or Proper Fiscal Management?

I shook for two hours after viewing Rachel Maddow’s commentary on the legislation recently passed in Michigan, which she cites as fascism, union busting, and egregious insensitivity to the most vulnerable populations: seniors and the poor. We are seeing rallies in Michigan similar to those in Wisconsin, an outcry against the erosion of middle class rights, and a perceived power grab to reverse 80 years of middle class gains.

I found myself wanting to scream obscenities at the governor and throw eggs at his office window. I wondered how that bas----- could sleep at night, and cursed him to burn in hell. I couldn’t sleep, hatred burning in my heart. While I forwarded the Maddow video to my friends, I felt guilty. Am I being a bad Course in Miracles student? It’s very clear I’m in massive ego fear, but if a tsunami were heading toward Michigan, I’d sure be calling all my friends. I didn’t want to hide behind the truth that none of this is real as an excuse to avoid taking responsible democratic action.

Thus, as I forwarded the video I did my best to forgive and turn my hatred and fear over to the Holy Spirit. The week prior I had prayed to be released from all judgments, and it occurred to me that I was being given a ripe opportunity. “Holy, Spirit, I choose to forgive this. Help me release judgment. Help me to see this differently.”

The next day I got an email from a republican cousin, who told me she thinks the bill is good. She feels it is holding irresponsible local governments accountable, and I agreed that fiscal responsibility is essential. Her email made me feel better, as it was a reasonable dialogue without judgment. I also got an email from a friend who is a Vietnam vet: “One of the most important messages in The Disappearance of the Universe is ‘if I will envision a U.S. with more compassion, love and kindness it will happen.’ The greatest invention of the 18th century was democracy. If 51% of the U.S. vote to minimize the greed and intolerance it will happen. I believe and envision this, just like I believed Vietnam veterans would be treated respectfully by the American people. I don‘t see the media insulting veterans anymore--they wouldn‘t dare in today‘s U.S. I am watching American soldiers on TV getting on airplanes with supplies to go help the Japanese people. This is the greatest country ever.”

I was grateful for these emails, feeling they were answers to calm me down. Yet I still realized that they were illusory answers in form, rather than the absolute Truth A Course in Miracles teaches. The Course tells us to react to anything in this world means we’ve forgotten our true Identity as the Son of God. To react to anything in form is to make form real. To react to anything from anger or fear is to separate ourselves from our brothers, who are our saviors.

My heart ached as I judged Governor Rick Snyder. Was there a way I could disagree with his policies without hating him? Was there a way I could stand up for what I see as freedom and equality without making the illusion real? Could I see Truth, that I am viewing a world that is already over, a scenario in which there appear to be separate bodies fighting against each other? Could I see a forgiven world through the Holy Spirit’s eyes, see only One Son, and look past the fragmented separation that I dreamed up? Again I prayed, “I will forgive and this will disappear. Love is all I want, therefore, love will be all I see. I am determined to see this differently.”

The answer came. When I made a sincere, committed request to see this differently, peace enveloped me. Part of this request was acknowledging and forgiving the part of me that chooses drama and division. After 36 hours of angst, fear was replaced with peace and I felt my brotherhood with both democrats and republicans, with union workers and corporate executives. This was not something that I could have done without the Holy Spirit’s help, as in my separated, judgmental state I was mired in ego hatred.

I still attended a rally for workers’ rights, but without judgment, without an arrogance that I know what outcome is best. I am taking action in the world, with the awareness that every form is impermanent and meaningless. However, I’m holding fast to the message of A Course in Miracles: Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. (T-in)

Blessings of Peace, Lorri Coburn

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