Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Most Beautiful Message in the World

“I’ll love you forever. You’re perfect just the way you are. You can’t do anything that could make me stop loving you. You are infinitely safe and I’ll care for you in every way.”

This is the message of A Course in Miracles. It is the most loving message I’ve ever heard, and the most wonderful thing is it’s true. For always. It is the Holy Spirit’s message to us of God’s eternal Love, a Love that will never be taken away for any reason, at any time.

When I had my daughter, like most parents I wanted nothing more for her than she feel loved, love herself, and be happy. Like most parents, I would lay down in front of a train before I’d let something hurt her. Like most parents, I wanted to give her all I had.

Was I able to keep that promise without fail? Like every human parent, not by a long shot. My ego quickly stepped in and I was shocked that I could be angry at a sweet little baby. I was shocked that I wished I hadn’t gotten pregnant. I was shocked that I resented how much energy and time she took from me.

The ego is not pretty to look at, but we have to look at it if we are to stop believing in it. Every parent falls short, be it the “good,” devoted parent, or the “bad,” neglectful parent. The saving grace is that we are not judged regardless of what type of parent we seem to be, except by our own egos.

According to A Course in Miracles, the entire spectrum of beliefs is false. The person who beats his kid is no different than the parent who sings his child to sleep. How can this be? Because the ego is a false illusion. The world of separate people and bodies is a mirage. This world is but a movie and we’re simply players on the stage. We’re only dreaming that we were born into this world as separate people, who then birthed more separate people, who do “good” and “bad” things, who hurt each other. The Course reminds us, “Nothing more fearful than an idle dream has terrified God’s Son.” (T-27.13:3)  

That’s why the statement at the beginning of this article is true. It cannot be true any other way. If I am a parent who is a “good parent” today because I read to my daughter, sing to her, and give her only sweetness, then I feel good about myself. Tomorrow, when I yell at her, I feel like a “bad parent.” Both assessments are based on behavior, both are temporary, and both are false. The only “judgment” of God is “your loveliness is complete and flawless.” (M-23.5:5)

A Course in Miracles tells us that we are worthy solely based on the fact that we are the holy child of God. This has been forever true and cannot change. Nothing we do, either “good” or “bad” can alter this fact. “Nothing real can be threatened, (your perfection as a child of God, your safety and that you are loved forever), nothing unreal exists (the world of destruction and death, separation, pain and loss). Herein lies the peace of God. (T-in.2:2-4)

This is the Truth. It has always been there and but awaits your acceptance. I hope you will receive this gift for yourself. Blessings of Love, Lorri Coburn

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