Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

Dear Miracle Musings Readers, The United States’ Declaration of Independence teaches us freedom is the “pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.” Is that true? Yes, if you define “life, liberty and happiness” outside the box of form. A Course in Miracles teaches freedom is of the mind, and has nothing to do with form.

We can have a great barbeque planned and then it rains. Or it’s too hot. Or we get food poisoning, or our beloved is killed in a car wreck on the way to the picnic. Once in awhile it appears perfect and we feel free—temporarily.

Ultimately, however, there is no freedom in the body. But we indeed are free, when we look in the right place. Here is a letter from a reader that shows where freedom truly lies. Please feel free to ask your ACIM questions on my website,

Happy Independence Day!

Lorri Coburn

hi.. enjoying your book immensely my question is.. you say we are god , so there is no entity we actually pray to or any creator who made us as spiritual beings? confused.. ron

Hi, Ron, Glad you’re enjoying the book. This is an intelligent question, so it means you’re getting it. It indeed is confusing when we first start understanding, and the Course tells us we go through a period of disorientation as the ego thought system breaks down and Truth dawns on our minds.

Most Westerners were raised with the idea that God is some Being in Heaven, out there, that controls and creates what happens on earth. We are at the mercy of God/Nature, or outside forces that pull our strings. We’re told we have free will to choose God, or else we burn in hell. When we are introduced to metaphysics we hear the idea that God is inside us, not out there. The next idea is that we are God.

However, most of us still feel like we’re our bodies/personalities, so we automatically pray to a God that is something other than ourselves. I still catch myself doing this. And as long as we feel separate, it’s ok to do that, and important to do that, because we must choose love, even if we think it’s outside us.

A Course in Miracles is written on both the dualistic and non-dualistic levels, so we can receive help wherever our thinking is. The dualistic level is subject/object, me/you, God/me, etc. Two separate things. Form, physicality, by its very nature, must have another object to perceive. Space and time is the gap between two forms or two objects.

The non-dualistic level is Oneness, in which there is no opposite. In form, we can’t really grasp that, but in our minds, we can know and experience it. This is an intuitive leap, and your mind is starting to become aware of it, given your question. Logical thinking proceeds along the continuum of time—past, present, and future. Oneness simply is, without any space or time. Therefore, logical thinking cannot understand Oneness, but our minds intuitively know it’s true.

If there is only Oneness, how can there be a God out there? If there is only Oneness, how can there be a you or a me? If there is only Oneness, how can there be a me that needs to ask a God for things?

When you get to Oneness, you see that you could never have been born and you can never die. Duality is physicality that takes shape, seems to live awhile, then dies. Oneness is formless, eternal and changeless. This is where true freedom lies.

A suggestion to train your mind to the awareness of Oneness is this: when you find yourself praying to someone outside yourself, be it the Holy Spirit, God, etc., ask to see this differently. When you are asking the Holy Spirit or God to see this in Truth, you are really only calling on your own Higher Mind. The Holy Spirit and God are indeed You. This is not your false ego self, rather your true Higher Self.

Wishing you awareness of your true freedom.