Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grieving While Recognizing Truth

Grieving While Recognizing Truth

Many of you know that my dad recently made his transition. The other day we had his memorial service and I fell headlong into the ego illusion of loss and separation. I felt like I was Lorri who had lost her dad, and I despaired, unable to find my way back to Truth. It was the first family gathering we’d had since my dad passed, and the absence of his body hurt really bad.

How do we operate at this level while the right part of our mind recognizes the world is an illusion? Prior to the memorial, I had sobbed intermittently. The first week after he passed the tears flowed like rain and I had no control over them. But the difference between then and yesterday was significant. Yesterday I attached thoughts of judgment to the tears. “Dad’s not here and this is awful.” There are two false thoughts there: first, that he wasn’t’ there, and second, that it was awful. Previously I had quickly dismissed those thoughts as untrue. I had been able to cry and let the body do its thing, while remembering there is only Love and oneness. I saw the crying as the body’s release of tension, without attaching false ideas to it.

Since I was stuck in the illusion yesterday, I asked my Dad to show me he was there. My Michigan sisters and I had ordered an arrangement with a variety of colorful and differently shaped plants. My siblings could then take a plant home as a memorial. When my sister from Pennsylvania saw the plant for her she cried out, “Oh, this is just like my tiny plant at home! I have talked to it, watered it, and named it ‘Grace,’ but it just won’t grow! It’s like Daddy has come and given me the full plant in all its glory!”

My first thought when I saw her plant was, “That’s not one of the plants we ordered. I don’t know where that one came from.” I checked with my other sisters, and they, too, said we had not ordered that type of plant. It was unusual, one I’d never seen, and I’ve grown a lot of houseplants in my day.

So my dad ordered the plant and was there after all.

Where do these synchronicities come from? The Right Mind, the Holy Spirit, the Mind that is One. That Mind nudged the florist to add that plant, which nudged my Michigan sister to hand that specific plant to our Pennsylvania sister, which answered the plea I’d sent to my dad an hour earlier to please let me know he was still around.

A Course in Miracles tells us that the entire cosmos, all form, is an illusion. It says, “And the last (illusion) to be overcome will be death. Of course! Without the idea of death there is no world. All dreams will end with this one.” (M-27. 6:1-4)

Even though I sunk into the ego world of despair and loss, I made a desperate, tearful plea and was answered. The Course tells us we are always answered in a form that we will understand, and the plant, since I’m a gardener, was a perfect answer for me.

Where are you entertaining false ideas of loss and separation? Ask for an answer, and the Holy Spirit will bring one to you.


Lorri Coburn

~We are always answered, but when it seems we’re not, often guilt is blocking the perception of oneness. I do phone/skype spiritual coaching with those who are committed to releasing ego illusions. If the Holy Spirit guides you, contact me by replying to this email or at

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Only Self Help Idea that Truly Works

My coaching client “Rachel” was frantic as she said, “My unemployment runs out in 12 weeks. I’m afraid I’ll end up on a park bench.” This sounds like a lot of people these days, as our economy is in its longest downturn since The Great Depression of the 1930’s. The irony is that Rachel has a law degree, another Master’s degree, and is engaging and competent. She could easily get a job making $1,000/week, but she is a spiritually evolved person who would rather make little money than sell her soul doing something she hates. Rachel started listing all the types of jobs she could get, then got frustrated about not attracting the one job she really wants, which is sharing intuitive readings. She is gifted and spot-on but has difficulty charging for spiritual work, which is an issue many spiritual healers have. Fear of all kinds, including lack of money, pulls us into the illusion of this false world. We’re caught in the web before we can even think, and all awareness of our True Self is gone. But the more we practice remembering our Higher Self, choosing to BE that Self instead of the ego, the easier it is to return to, and stay, in our Being. I asked Rachel who was afraid of being homeless, her ego self or her Higher Self? She immediately knew that her Higher Self is always ok and knows every detail in life is taken care of. We discussed how she is actually choosing her fear, because she is choosing to think she’s Rachel. Only she can make that choice, and only she can choose otherwise. “But I still have to be responsible and make a living!” she protested. I hear that a lot from clients. I replied, “Only the dream-figure Rachel thinks she has to make a living. You are not in the dream. You are Mind, outside the dream looking in, and You are safe. Your only job is to remember Who You are.” We did some exercises to release her attachment to the small self, and later she emailed me about how her consciousness was shifting. A Course in Miracles says, “My only function is the one God gave me.” (W-p.I.65.h) Our one function is to forgive the dream we made up, this world of lack. Money problems, such as Rachel appears to have, are illusions. Our only task here is to remember we are the holy Son of God, the Christ Self, the One. When we do this, our projections reflect a world of love instead of fear. The Course reminds us, “Once you accept His plan as the one function you would fulfill, there will be nothing else the Holy Spirit will not arrange for you without your effort.” (T-20.IV.8:4) When we let go and let God, miracles happen. Rachel’s job is not to find a job, but to forgive the belief that she’s Rachel who has to find a job. Forgiving our dream is the only idea that truly works to heal us. There are thousands of self-help techniques that make the ego feel better for awhile. They salve the wound, but they don’t remove the cause of the wound, which is our mistaken identity. Where are you holding on to your small identity? The ego is scared to let go into the Allness of God, but truly, when we let go we’re letting go of nothing and moving into everything. All you need do is say, “I forgive myself for wanting this dream. I forgive myself for wanting my small self instead of Love. Holy Spirit, help me see this differently,” etc. When we truly only want the peace of God, that is what we perceive. May you know yourself as your Self. Blessings, Lorri Coburn P.S. If you are interested in an intuitive reading from Rachel, please contact me. (I am not getting remuneration from this.)When she and I first began working together, my dad was transitioning. He came to her to pass on an important message and she could not sleep until she emailed me. She did not know anything about my dad, but the details she gave confirmed it. This helped me tremendously in handling his transition, and I am so grateful. ~I am engaging a limited number of clients interested in spiritual awakening coaching. This is for those who are committed to completely releasing ego and awakening from the dream. If the Holy Spirit leads you in this direction, please contact me by responding to this email or at You can get more information on coaching on my website at